Letter’s to Kina | 2 Year Update

My Sweet Kina-
I am having a really hard time accepting the fact that you are two years old! Time flies by and you continue to make us love you more and more. It seems you have just exploded with personality, development, and knowledge in the past six months! It is so crazy how fast you learn and grow. I really wish life had a pause button. I keep joking to people, you are not allowed to turn two yet. I just want to bottle up all the love, all the hugs, the kisses, and the “mommy thank you’s” and keep them forever. As we all know, we can’t do this so I just silently thank the Lord for all the little blessings you bring to our life. By giving thanks, it somehow helps me continue moving on even though I want to pause. 🙂
Naps: 1 nap a day. Around 2 hours.
Sleeping: At night from 7:30PM to 6:00AM.
Eating: what we eat for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Plus lots of snacks.
Clothing: 12-18 month- 2T. You fit 12-18 month width, and 2T height. Its hard to find ready to wear that fit you.
Weight: Awaiting doc visit
Height: “
Eating: You are not picky, you are judgmental. One evening we sat down at the table, I put your plate in front of you and you instantly started spitting like it was yucky. You even went so far as to wipe your tongue with your hands in anticipation of the YUCKINESS that was sure to come. However, after the prayer, you sat there for awhile before finally trying it. You then proceeded to devour everything on the plate. Funny how that works. You absolutely love fried chicken from Pizza Ranch, however we have to take the fried part off as you won’t eat that. Just the chicken. It is funny how I read in your 18 month update, you didn’t like eating chicken then, now you love it. We typically give you what we are eating and you make the choice if you want to eat it or not. We don’t make anything special for you, if you choose not to eat it, you just have to wait until next meal. Usually you will ask for a snack and I offer the previous food. You normally eat it. For the most part you eat something on the plate. You are easily bribed. You absolutely love the song Holy Night (I am aware it is September, but daddy really loves Christmas music….). One evening you decided to judge your food, daddy offered to sing Holy Night if you ate it, and you ate it all gone without a complaint. We couldn’t believe you ate your food to hear Holy Night sung. It still makes us laugh at the strangeness of it! We aren’t complaining ;).


Sleeping: Bed time at 7-7:30, wake up around 6-6:30. You sleep very well and still play in your  crib until 7. Some nights you play in the crib until 8:30, but you are always happy and content. Its funny, because if we actually are out somewhere and keep you up till 8:30 or so, I can totally tell the next day, you are grumpy and tired. You never sleep in no matter how late you stay up. I really do love the early bed time, it gives me some me time. Naps are pretty much the same, down around 12-12:30 and up around 2:30. When you are overtired sometimes you refuse to nap, but when we are on our normal schedule you will always take a nap.

Development: I am loving this stage. What haven’t I loved yet? It seems to get better and better! You can say anything you want and will repeat anything we ask you to. You are putting two if not three words together, forming sentences. You recently started saying LOVE YOU! which totally melts my heart! You also are very polite and say please and thank you in the right context most . It melts my heart when I give you something and you say in your sweet little voice, “thank-you mommy”. You connect things without me asking. For example I always tell you “hold my hand in the parking lot, the cars could be owey.” Now when we are walking and a car goes by, you point and say owey owey! You are really starting to pretend play. You absolutely love your doll “May May.” You have to have her to sleep. You pretend to change her diaper, give her food, put her to bed, etc. You also accidentally dropped her one day and instantly said: “OH!! OWEY OWEY!” picked her up and gave her a kiss and a hug. You can sing along to many of the songs we listen too. You pretty much have Holy Night memorized and sing along very loudly and actually pretty on key to it with us. You can operate you tube and our phones, which is actually quite scary! You area absolutely in love with the alphabet and spell out letters on our shirts. When asked what letter is what you get it right about 75% of the time.

A few things you are loving right now:
-May May
-Hugs and Kisses
-Playing outside
A few things you don’t really like:
-Being hungry. When you get desperate waiting on supper you may or may not nab a package of something and try to eat through it to get the food. 0:
-Being patient. You get pretty annoyed if something doesn’t work the way you want it to.

You bring so much joy and laughter to our lives. Amidst the melt downs, tantrums, and typical toddler crises, you bring so much light to our lives. I was telling daddy the other night I want to keep you this age for forever. While is is so exhausting trying to tame a toddler and keep up with all your energy, I would much rather hang on to these moments than face teenage years. Where these days leaves the body exhausted, I am afraid teenage years could bring heartache. I would rather have a tired mind than a broken heart. Everyday I pray you will always love Jesus and stay close to him.



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