Finding Lasting Peace in the Fullness of Christ


Colossians 2:10 “And in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.”

Why do I struggle so much with insecurities? Why do I fear failure while chasing dreams? Why is it easy to hold onto the hurt from someone wronging me? Why do I feel alone in a crowded room? Why do I feel crushed when someone doesn’t support me and believe in me? Why do I search for peace in human acceptance?

It is because I turn to earthy things to bring me that comfort. Satan tells me if only my husband would be more loving….I would feel secure. If only more people would support my business and say kind things about it I wouldn’t be so afraid. If only that person would understand my situation so I wouldn’t feel so judged. If only I was better at social skills, people would like me more. If only….constantly striving for something in hopes it brings peace. That is the lie from Satan. He tells us if only we have this or that we will be at peace. When we receive that thing, we realize it didn’t bring lasting peace. We move onto the next thing that promises peace, or maybe even more of that same thing. It is NEVER enough as long as we are striving for it. Sure we can get short term peace, but through it all if we are not seeking God’s fullness, we will always have an unsettled soul in one form or another. Until we refuse to listen to the lie that tells us we can find peace on this earth we will not fully grasp it. Until we take the fullness of Christ into every situation, we will be left with some form of restlessness or insecurity.

When I am feeling insecure, I am making the choice to forgo Christ’s fullness to find fullness through people’s acceptance and love. I am making the choice to believe that God can not fill me up like man can. That is a pretty convicting thought. It’s like telling God, you are good and great but I just really need a few more followers on Instagram to feel confident in my business. I go on seeking that. When it doesn’t bring peace, I cry out to God asking Him why I feel so insecure, why I am not good enough, why He won’t give me a peace.

No wonder I don’t have a peace, I sought after earthy peace before the fullness of Christ. I asked Him to bless me via earthy things before asking him to fill me with his fullness. When I put myself in God’s shoes, I find it very hard not to be deeply hurt by that. We can’t experience the fullness of Christ and the true peace if we first seek out peace and fullness in other places. We must first seek out Christ’s fullness and bring it with us into our earthy endeavors. I know I need Christ first, but when I act like I need him second, I shouldn’t be surprised when I don’t feel his fullness. Satan can further drive the lie that earthy things will bring peace, not God. I wonder why I don’t feel God’s peace so I continue striving after earthy peace. The crazy cycle continues.

It starts with me. I need to not only know God and His fullness come first and bring peace, I need to act upon it. I need to tell my flesh “no earthly things don’t bring peace” and rest confidently in Christ. When I feel fully secure in Christ BEFORE I go about my earthly endeavors, I can feel secure no matter what. I can bring Christ’s fullness to others who need it. Instead of focusing on my Instagram numbers, I can focus on how I can bless an Instagram follower via the fullness of Christ in me. Instead of feeling insecure because someone doesn’t understand my situation and judges me, I can grasp the fullness of Christ and realize they are probably facing their own insecurities. I can bring the fullness of Christ to bless them instead of push them away.

When I embrace the fullness of Christ and not only believe it but act upon it, I will experience a lasting peace no matter what. Will it always be easy? Not at all. We will constantly battle flesh and make mistakes, but God is always there waiting for us to come back to him. He is always extending mercy and grace. His fullness and forgiveness will never be shut off from us. We can always rest safely and securely in Him.


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