Killing Christians | A Book Review


I have had a lot of fear lately. Maybe it is the upcoming election, maybe it is the media, maybe it is the seemingly increasing acts of violence. I fear a lot of things about the years to come. It seems like our society is drifting farther and farther from God and it honestly scares me. What will it be like when my kids are older? Should I even have any more kids because honestly fear says no. Am I being dramatic? I don’t know. What I do know is, if I pray everyday that God will send an angel to protect my daughter spiritually no matter what happens, he will. That is the most important thing to me.

When a friend recommended the book Killing Christians by Tom Doyle, I immediately knew I wanted to read it. I have avoided most all persecution type books, because well they terrify me. I worry I wouldn’t have the strength to withstand persecution. I know I would never forsake Jesus, but man does persecution sound so scary. I decided to read this book to not dwell on the fear of the possibility, but to have my faith strengthened by the modern day Christians that actually go through this and stay true.

This book was absolutely amazing and I cried in many different parts. Yes because it is heartbreaking, but also because it is such a faith builder. One story in particular really stuck out to me. It was about a woman who was muslim who became a refugee. She bumped into a Christian lady and eventually started going to the church. Later she was converted. They were living in this tiny apartment with absolutely nothing. She prayed to God one night and “Jesus, we are so tired and hungry. We have nothing in this apartment. It’s a miserable life, but I know you love us.” That night she had a dream of Jesus telling her he will take care of her. The next morning a deliveryman knocked on their door with a bag full of groceries. This continued to happen until they had what they needed. No delivery man was the same, and none knew exactly how they ended up at her apartment. This story really comforted my heart, God will provide for his children.

One other story really stood out to me. A man in Somalia has had his son kidnapped multiple times by the pirates. They attempt to brainwash young boys and commit them to pirating for life. Each time they have tried with this man’s son, God has restored him. This really comforted my heart because I worry at times about my own daughter being brainwashed by lies in the future.

Those two stories really stood out to me, but each one touched every corner of my heart and strengthen my faith. The faith that these people have is incredible. They are totally at peace with losing their life for Jesus. They have dreams about Jesus, they connect with him at a much higher level because of the trials they go through. I felt ashamed and convicted as I read it. The only thing I have to worry about right now is what someone will think of me for my faith. It can stop me from spreading the gospel.  These people literally don’t know if they will be killed that day for their faith, yet they continue to spread it. How shallow am I?

This book is about modern day persecutions. It is broken into stories about a person in a different region. Many of the stories are from the middle east. At the end of each chapter is a letter from the person . It is so amazing to hear in their own words how they are doing. Each one of them is at peace with losing their life for Christ and each of them is at peace with doing exactly what God wants them to do. It is something I can really learn from myself.

After reading this book, I pray for these Christians more than I ever did. I pray that I can have as strong of faith as they do. I thank God every single day for the freedom I have here. A freedom that is so easily taken for granted. It’s something I can easily shake my head to, yes, yes we are so blessed. But when you really think about how extremely blessed we are, it makes me want to cry. I would highly recommend reading this book. Is is scary and hard to read? Yes. Is it worth it and a huge faith builder? Absolutely.

God is always with his children. He will provide us the strength we need to face anything. That alone is so comforting. One day we will all be together in heaven, I long for it more and more each day. While we are still here however, let’s live each day like it’s our last.


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