Junior’s Adventures Storytime Book Set | A Book Review


For Christmas I ordered the Financial Peace Junior’s set for Kina. The age said 3-12, but it was on sale, and I knew Kina would love the books. Little did I know how much Kina would love the books! We have been reading them non-stop since Christmas and she has barely touched her other books. We read them atleast 1-3 times a day. When I am not reading them to her, she reads them to herself, because well, she basically has them memorized.

I haven’t really checked out the rest of the kit since she is still a little young for the financial aspect, so I am only reviewing the book set.

I love these books because they have great illustrations and fun story lines. They teach great lessons and are not just a little kids story. Six hard covered books come in the pack and the books themselves are very high quality. Each book has a different lesson.

  1. My Fantastic Field Trip: Learning about Saving
  2. Battle of the Chores: Learning about Debt
  3. Carless at the Carnival: Learning about Spending
  4. The Big Payoff: Learning about Integrity
  5. The Super Red Racer: Learning about Work
  6. The Big Birthday Surprise: Learning about Giving

Kina’s absolute favorite is the Battle of the Chores. As you can see from a picture below the pages are already well worn! She reads it constantly and it is always her first pick when I read them to her.

I would highly recommend these books for anyone who wants to teach their kids great lessons in a fun way!

The next question is how long will she be completely obsessed with these books? 🙂



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