A Little Getaway


Last week we took a long weekend trip to Wisconsin Dells. We stayed at the Wilderness Waterpark for a couple days then stayed at a basic hotel with a pool for one night. Kina absolutely loves the water and swimming so I thought this would be the perfect trip for us three before baby comes. It was a lot of fun, we did tons of relaxing, swimming, and just hanging out together. We did decide we like vacations where there are less people around 🙂 Like a beach where you are not stacked on top of people, or a lake trip. Obviously everywhere you go there will be tons of people, but we just decided we tend to like something more where we are a little less crowded :). But since I am due at the end of June a outside lake trip wasn’t really in the cards this year. Kina did love the waterpark. There were three indoor waterparks, her  favorite was the wave pool waterpark. There was a little kiddy area beside the wave pool she had fun playing in and she absolutely loved being tossed around by the waves. The other two parks were really nice too, but they were actually a bit cold. Even I had some chattering teeth going on. We found out Kina does not like being cold so we spent most of our time in the wave pool room which had a window roof and was always super warm.

She was having tons of fun going down the tiny kids slides. There was one slide that was bigger but still a kiddo slide. She fit within the height limit and I saw other kids around her age going down it so we decided to send her down it. Turns out it may have not been the greatest idea, she is a little timid when it comes to things she is unsure on. I think what happened was she opened her legs wide to slow herself down and accidentally spun herself around. She ended up going down the entire slide head first one her back. Needless to say she was a little terrified of slides after that!


You can’t have water fun without a sno cone right?


Our favorite restaurant we ate at was Moose Jaw. It had incredible pizza. Loren ranked it top three pizza’s he has ever eaten.


We also ate ate Buffalo Phil’s (At least I think that was the name!) and they brought out your food on a train. Kina was mesmerized and loved watching the train go around.


We went mini golfing one day. Kina was really good the whole time we golfed. Initially she tried to hit the ball in to the hole or throw it in, but after awhile she resorted to running around the green. It just added an extra challenge for mom and dad ;).



After mini golf we had some time in the afternoon to spare. We drove by a fun little park area and decided to let Kina play on the playground for awhile. She noticed right away the massive sandbox next to the play ground and wanted to play on that instead. Initially I wanted to say no, your going to get dirty. Plus how many cats have pooped in that huge thing?! Sick! But Im trying to let my clean, perfectionist ways go and just have fun. So we changed her shoes and let her go to town in the nasty looking sand. Clothes can wash right? I am learning to let kids be kids! I think daddy may have had some fun too in the sand!


Parenting is constantly stretching me and teaching me to be flexible. Vacations are not the same as they were before kids. I told Loren, it’s pretty much vacation for the kids, not us. Between missed naps, melt downs, running after a toddler when you just want to sit, they just aren’t as relaxing as vacations were before kids. But the look of absolute joy when a train delivers food to our table, or the excitement when yet another huge bucket of water gets dumped on us, or the insistence to go to the waterpark above all other things, yes even ice cream, or the snuggle time, none of it can replace pre kids vacations. Sure there are times when Loren and I will still want to get away by ourselves on vacation (can we say Virgin Islands again!!), but I am learning that vacations with kids are just as beautiful, even if they aren’t as relaxing.

I am thankful for being able to take this trip together, and the fun memories we made. It breaks my heart that kids grow up so fast so even when she tries me and I find myself completely exhausted at the end of the day, I know I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love these crazy moments filled with so much love and sticky kisses. No amount of exhaustion or the feeling I have no clue what I am doing as a mom can take away how much I love these small years.


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