No Sugar + Pregnancy #2 Update

baby#2 37 weeks.jpg


I am officially 37 weeks pregnant! How did that happen? I feel like with Kina time went much slower. With this one, the pregnancy seems to be flying by. While it seems crazy it is almost over, I am happy about that! I am not one who loves being pregnant. I don’t have anything at all to complain about and my pregnancies are good, I just am very happy when I am back to my normal state :).

I feel like the time has flown during this pregnancy, and with it I feel like I have neglected documenting about it like with Kina. I took more pictures, I and recorded more on it. Instead of feeling bad about it, I figured I would pop in and do a little documenting today ;).

First trimester was worse than with Kina. I was sick starting around 6-7 weeks and it lasted until around 17 weeks. In that aspect this pregnancy has been much worse than Kina. I was dog tired and nauseous and throwing up much more and for a longer time period. I tended to fight it off with a few crackers before getting out of bed, and a drop of peppermint under my tongue when I started feeling nauseous. Those two things helped me the most!

Second trimester I felt really pretty great. I did notice more aches and pains than with Kina. They tell me that’s typical for a second pregnancy ;). Later in the trimester I started getting really bad acid reflex again like with Kina. Not fun, I had to sleep elevated for a few hours some nights it was so bad. I didn’t really want to take any medication, but would occasionally take a tums to help with it. Toward the end of the trimester I started getting pretty tired again.

Third trimester has actually been really great! I read in a book where a doula was recommending pregnant mama’s to get off of sugar during pregnancy. This was supposed to aid in a faster delivery and less bleeding. I am always up for a challenge and figured getting off sugar couldn’t hurt me, even if it doesn’t make labor faster with less bleeding. Loren and I decided we were going to get off sugar together during my third trimester. We started beginning of April and after about two weeks I had tons of energy and was not feeling fatigued or tired hardly at all. My acid reflux slowly started going away until now I don’t have any anymore. I will occasionally get it if I eat (cough cough a huge amount of popcorn before going straight to bed) or drink an occasional cup of coffee. Other than that, bam acid reflex/heart burn gone! I have been going to the chiropractor as well, so between that and no sugar, I am actually feeling pretty grand for being in the third trimester. Sure I feel huge and have to heave myself places ;), but as far as how I feel, I feel great. I have been having tons of braxton hicks with this one, it started during second trimester, but they are very common now, and many times crampy. That is also different than with Kina. I barely noticed any at all with her.

A few other things to remember:

-This kid is CRAZY! I had to think about if Kina moved enough, this one there’s no thinking. She is constantly moving. Loren can get her all riled up by scratching around on my belly. She responds to touch almost 90% of the time. During second trimester she would kick at anything and everything that touched my belly. Any sort of pressure at all.

-Weight gain: 15# so far. A vast difference from Kina, I gained over 30 with her.

-Kina loves giving my belly kisses. But she always needs to raise my shirt up, not a great idea when I am wearing a dress in public and she randomly decids baby sister needs a kiss :0.

-Kina tells everyone her name is goober…except the chiropractor who she randomly decided to tell the real name! She has told no one else. Will she be disappointed when baby sister is no longer called goober!?!

On to the sugar update. Awhile back I wrote a book review on the Daniel Plan. I mentioned during third trimester I would be giving up all sugar. I have had multiple people ask how it was going so I figured I would give a quick update!

It has been going amazing! Loren and I can honestly say we feel so much better than before. It is crazy. Now do we do perfect? No. We decided going into it we would have three sweets sprinkled in there: his birthday, mother’s day, and our favorite frozen custard place when we visited Indiana. We also said if there was nothing else to eat when we went places we would not be snobs about it ;). So we have had pizza randomly, and some white buns at church lunch, etc. Other than those exceptions we have stuck to the plan very well. I have made some “healthy desserts” using honey or stevia so we really don’t feel that deprived. When we started this it was really really hard to say no to sweets. I am at the point now were I can easily say no. Sure my mind still reminds me it is good and tells me I want to eat it, but my body in a way doesn’t want it. There’s still a tiny war, but I can honestly say I can really live with out sugar!

Do I want to say no forever to desserts when we go places, or ice cream after date night? No. But we both decided we do want this as more of a lifestyle. We were talking about how to balance it, and still haven’t come up with a perfect solution but I do know, I want to maintain this lifestyle while still enjoying a random treat from time to time. If anyone reading lives a no sugar lifestyle in moderation is reading, I would love to hear your thoughts on balancing adding a few treats in!

A few recourses that have helped us on the no sugar diet:

-The Daniel plan book. This is how we basically decided how to eat. I did order the cookbook that went with it, and don’t use it a ton. I found the recipes were pretty in depth and took a decent amount of time.

-Made To Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. I am about half done reading this book and she talks about our relationship with food and how we are really craving God, not the next yummy food dish. It has been a good perspective for me!

-Trim Healthy Mama book. I am currently reading this one as well. I like to get many different resources and different view points. I just recently ordered their cookbook as well.

-21 day fix cookbook. I have found some great dessert recipes in there, I haven’t used the main meals recipes as much.

-Pinterest! I find most of the recipes I cook on pinterest by searching for clean eating ___ or 21 day fix ___ etc.

The no sugar diet has been really great for us. In a way it’s been different than anything else we have tried because part of the reason we are doing it is to honor our bodies. Our bodies are a temple to God and we want to treat them that way. That altered mindset for us has made this so much more possible. It’s not just about losing weight (obviously I am not trying to do that being pregnant). It’s about something greater, and for me that has helped me say no while also keeping the mindset that this is now a lifestyle, not a fad.



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