Renly Mae | 1 Month


Weight: 7lb 6oz

Height: 20 3/8″

Head: 13 3/4″

Eating: Every 2-3 hours during day. Every 2-4 hours at night.

Sleeping: Sleeps a lot 😉

One month old! How? At the same time it’s only been a month?! ;). It feels like time flies and stands still at the same time. I am trying really hard to enjoy the newborn stage, and I am enjoying it. But I am also looking forward to sleeping all night long again. I don’t do well without sleep.

Renly Mae has blessed us so much. We couldn’t be more in love with her. I was worried about how we could add another little one to the family. It seemed weird to think about a new addition when our family has been us three for the past three years. But it just works out and it is weird to think about not having Renly. She has added so much to our family and it wouldn’t be complete without her!

She has been a very happy content baby. Sure she is a newborn and still fusses and cries, but compared to how Kina was in her early days, so much better! I am very thankful for that!

Eating: The start of her life she ate every 1-2 hours, and every 2ish hours at night. She now currently eats every 2-3 hours during the day and every 2-4 hours at night. She has been a great nurser since she was born. She has a slight tongue tie the doctor said to keep an eye on but as of right now it is not effecting her. She started spitting up around 3 weeks, a decent amount, still not at much as Kina did however. But it worries me something is going on with the tongue tie and she’s swallowing more air. One day at a time though, I am trying to not let myself worry about what may be :).

Sleeping: She sleeps off and on most of the day and likes to be held a decent amount of the time. She either nurses to sleep or gets rocked to sleep which goes against my tendencies, but they say you can’t spoil a newborn so we will see! My type A “schedule driven personality” would prefer that she self soothed to sleep, but Loren keeps reminding me, she’s only a month old calm down! At night we swaddle her and I nurse her one more time at around 9:30. She then usually wakes up between 1 and 3, 3 being a one time occurrence and it was lovely! Then again between 4 and 6:30. She normally can be laid down and just given a paci if she wakes up. We introduced a paci around 3 weeks and it took awhile to find one she liked. She still doesn’t take it the best, but will take it when she is in the mood. She makes a ton of grunting noises and pig sounding noises at night making it hard to sleep, but hey I will take it over having to hold her or rock her to sleep to get her to stay asleep!

Development: She really started studying our faces, probably around 2 weeks. She will now mimic us if we stick out our tongue or smile, or open our mouth wide. She has been able to hold her head up from about 2 1/2 weeks and is a nosey little lady always looking around! It is funny how we remember similarities in the two girls. Kina held her head up really early as well, but we chalked that up to screaming all the time and she was always tense and stiff anyway :0. Renly is also similar to Kina in the fact that she thinks she is never going to be fed again when I try to burp her. She gets fighting mad and screams until I feed her again. Then spits up a bunch because I wasn’t able to burp her since she was so mad. Oh the silly kids.

Renly has blessed us in so many ways. It has been very hard for Kina to adjust so I am praying she can soon. It makes me sad, it’s an adjustment for me as well. I am used to devoting all my time to her, so to see her adjusting so hard is hard on me as well because I want to give her my attention like I used to but just can’t. I know it will pass so we take each day one moment at a time!


Letters to Kina 1 Month


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