Because I Don’t Want to Forget….{Style}

To Kina, my styling lady-


I love this little blog because it makes me remember. These little years can be so hard at times, but at the same time I never want them to end. In the everyday mundane tasks it is easy to overlook things I never want to forget. So I record them on this little blog so I can look back and smile when my kiddo’s are grown and gone…or tomorrow when I want to hide from all the small hands that are constantly reaching for me and I need reminded how much I love this stage ;).

Kina started going through a stage where she wants to dress herself. Not only the physical act of adorning clothes, but also the mental act of picking out the outfit. All by myself she says. And I sigh because well lets just say, her style isn’t quite what mine is. I act very excited about an outfit I happen to like and she refuses. She decides to instead pull the same outfit she wore yesterday…and the day before….and the day before. You may say she has her favorites. You can guess this is a little hard on this girly at heart mama who adores dressing her little girly…and sewing for her. Sigh she has so many clothes that are so adorable. Yet she won’t wear them. I decided early on however, I need to let her have freedom in this area. It gives her a sense of dignity and independence that I don’t want to squelch.

Before I had Renly, I limited Kina’s outfit selections to the one she chose in the morning. She was constantly wanting to change but I told her no, you picked that outfit you stay in it. After Renly I realized you pick your battles even more now with two kiddos. I decided to let her dress herself as much as she wanted during the day. I would just throw the barely worn clothes in a pile and eventual cycle them back into her drawer for another day. I think the record of outfit changes in one day was 9. It’s these things that really are meaningless and shouldn’t be stressed about, yet at the same time can cause stress, but when you think about it, it is funny all at the same time. I am convinced raising kids is one giant paradox!

Anyway, through the seemingly mundane normal outfit changes I wanted to record it. Because it isn’t mundane and boring. It’s funny and I want to remember all the traits of this crazy girl’s big personality that I love so much. Here are a few pictures of my girls style that will hopefully bring a smile to my face when I look back on them, and a smile to your face today 🙂


Let’s start with the fact that she used to run around either pant-less or only in her underwear for a couple months.


One day I was telling Loren, I made her pretty clothes and she won’t wear them! He suggested I let her pick out the fabric the next time I make something. So I gave her the option of about 6 different fabrics that matched the bottom of this dress. She chose the floral. I guess letting her pick the fabric is a win because she refused to wear any other dress to church for probably about 6 Sunday’s. I finally hid the dress for awhile ;).


I think this outfit may have been worn on the record setting day she changed 9 times. And many times like this shirt, her clothes are backwards.


There are just some things I put my foot down on. Like making her wear these Sperry shoes. Or some of my favorite clothes. Or another church dress I made her that I absolutely love. I also give her outfit choices when we go out in public since I want her to at least match then ;).


These pajamas are obviously too little and a bit crazy, but when she started this phase I thought maybe by giving her a dress up tote she would be more apt to let me dress her. Nope, she still wanted to dress herself from her real clothes. She decided she liked these pajamas so they began to get worn around. Loren asked me kindly to hide them from her as well.


She insisted on wearing bottoms with her one piece on this day.


I am not really sure there are even any words for this picture ;). Let it speak for itself.

thumb_IMG_8991_1024And last but not least she always is wanting to do what mama does. Some days it seems annoying to take the extra time to let her “be like me” but I have to remind myself I will look back on these moments and regret not taking the time. Every single moment is a holy moment. A moment given to us from God. Am I using it by shining Christ’s light to my daughters or am I rushing through this life and overlooking the seemingly mundane parts of motherhood? I pray everyday I can have a patient, gentle, kind heart to my girls and find the joy in everything and share that joy with my girls.


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