Things I don’t want to forget {the circus}


People have been asking me how it has been going with two kids. I can genuinely say it has been going really good. I think having one kid was more of an adjustment for me that having two. With that being said, does life pretty much turn into a circus with the addition of a kiddo for everyone else or just us? It’s kind of funny, people start noticing you more when you are lugging a car seat on one arm and holding the hand of an urgently dancing toddler that has to pee with the other. They offer to watch your baby. While I am not comfortable leaving my baby in the hands of a stranger, its flattering.  Everyday I do this whole two kid thing and it can be crazy but it is doable! We also get more comments from older people as well like “I enjoyed watching your family.” Translation, I enjoyed watching your circus ;).


This weekend was an eventful weekend. Saturday I was trying to get some sewing done, and Loren was making salsa. Kina was very nicely playing in her room. I brought up some more toys for her that were stored in her old potty box. She saw the picture on the box and got it in her head that she needed her little potty back again. I told her no, you are big and don’t need the little potty anymore. After many times of telling her no proceeded by much whining, she finally got quiet again. I figured she was back playing again. A little later in the day I walked by the bathroom to find her little potty sitting in there. I asked Loren, did you go get her potty for her? No. Hmmm, well she apparently took it upon herself to go get the potty out of storage herself. There was toilet paper stuffed in there but I didn’t think much about it. Later I went to wash my hands and as I was reaching for the hand towel I noticed a brown streak on the towel. Hmm, looks a lot like poop to me. I eyed the little potty. Sure enough, as I dumped out the toilet paper out fell some poop as well. Not only did she retrieve her potty she pooped in it and attempted to wipe herself which was an utter fail. I called oh Kina come here….I made her clean it all up and put the potty away while explaining with a very disappointed demeanor why we don’t disobey mommy and do whatever we want. As she was downstairs putting it away Loren and I laughed and said, oh my we can either get mad or laugh because one day we will look back at this and think is is completely hilarious.


After Saturday’s shenanigans, I decided we should all go shoe shopping and out to eat. Kina is in need of some winter boots, so I thought it would be fun to go as a family. Any other mom’s out there laughing at this brilliant idea?! After I fed Renly we were off. Kina was in no mood to shop which is odd for her so we zoomed in and out of stores. Then we arrived at the restaurant. Not long after getting there Renly filled her pants and of course it was a blow out that got all over her clothes and car seat. I got her all changed and settled and our food came. Of course Renly was hungry so I got out my cover and tried to feed her. It wasn’t working out too well so I downed my food and headed to the van. Apparently when we were getting Renly’s stuff together Kina managed to take off her shirt and proceed to cram corn bread in her mouth like a savage. Loren turns around to find her shirtless in public. Win #1. After awhile Kina decided she needed to sit in the high chair Renly’s seat was sitting on. She proceeded to get stuck and have a major meltdown while Loren tried to free her. People were staring and the waiter came running. Yes win #2. There is never a dull moment with kiddo’s is there?


As we were leaving I told Loren sorry for the utter fail of an outing attempt. But in all reality it was pretty funny. We looked at each other and said it’s part of parenting and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. Sure it is hard to lug two kiddos around and not create a scene, and sometimes I wonder why bother at all. Maybe it is to give some older couples a chuckle, or maybe it is to give ourselves a chuckle. Either way, we can choose to get annoyed at the kids and vow to never try again, or we can laugh at it and cherish these small years because one day we will be the older couple watching the younger couple with a circus of their own. As hard as parenting is, I don’t want that day to come as soon as they say it does. So I will choose to laugh and cherish these hard but funny moments.


Is it always easy? Not at all. There are many days I wake up and I am mad that the baby won’t let me sleep all night. I am mad that the toddler is whining. I am just mad and impatient. I try to overcome it with gratitude. I tell myself I am so thankful and BLESSED to be able to nurture these two tiny hearts. God picked me for these beautiful kiddos. Many times it does lighten my mood, but there are the days I fail and yell and mess up. But God gives us moms grace and strength to make it through. He forgives us and I need to forgive and extend grace to my kiddos. When I mess up I remind myself, I am trying so hard and working toward being a better mom. We will never arrive at perfection, but if we keep moving forward everyday, our mistakes won’t hold us back. Parenting is so hard, but so beautiful all at once. My dear friends who are in the thick of it, keep your chin up, you are doing great!


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