Letter to Kina- 3 Years


My sweet girl, you are three years old today. Three years ago you made me a mommy. You changed my heart and made me a better person. You bring joy to my heart everyday. So much joy I worry I am not a good enough mom to nurture your sweet heart. As I watch you grow, I think I couldn’t love you anymore, yet each day I do. You have such a sweet, kind compassionate heart and truly care for others around you. You have a quite spirit and each day you light up our world with your joyful outlook on life. You are also very strong willed and like to push your limits. At the same time, you know when to give up and know mom and dad are standing their ground. You hold your feelings inside and struggle talking about them with us. I know, I know, you are only three, but you avoid talking about if you feel sad, etc, by saying things like, oh there is a butter fly. I wouldn’t think much about it, except your daddy is pretty much the same way ;). I started telling you when you get sad or frustrated, you come to mommy. Which normally you refuse to do because you want to be independent. So I tell you then you need to ask Jesus for help to calm your feelings and give you peace. The other night you were just having a rough one. You kept crying and whining and I finally sat you in time out for awhile. Daddy got home and you ran to him. He talked to you a bit and you told him, I need Jesus daddy. ❤ Moments like that, despite all the previous whining and crying, make my mama’s heart soar. You are a total daddy’s girl and love him to pieces. I love seeing how excited you get when he comes home in the evenings. You love being like mommy and try to copy me in many things I am doing. I truly believe that more is caught than taught!


No naps for you. You started fighting them at 2 and were completely done with them by 2  1/2. You go to bed at 7 and sleep from anywhere between 6-8 in the morning. Since having a baby sister, you have been waking up in the middle of the night randomly and crying for us. It’s mostly things like “shut my closet door”, etc. We do do quiet time for about 1 hour each day.

Development: You learned all your ABC’s shortly after you turned two. You have always been so interested in letters, it was something you initiated and we figured we better teach you if you want to learn. After you learned your ABC’s you began asking us to spell things for you. You knew how to spell your name around July, and if we wrote out your name, mommy, and daddy, you could read them. We have been working on what letters say and what words start with what letter. And you obsessively want me to spell many different things.

You have such an imagination and absolutely love mermaids and fairy’s right now. One evening you asked daddy are you Prince Eric? Because I am a mermaid. Oh the things you say that totally melt our hearts. One time as I was doing my morning prayers, you told me “Mommy, you are praying to God. And we will go to heaven one day and play with Jesus and we will be fairies.” You love playing with your Barbies and polly pockets. You recently got a stereo in your room and love listening to your music and singing.

You have been potty trained since shortly after your second birthday, but right before baby sister, and randomly after you have had accidents. You tell me they are on purpose, {sigh}. We also took away your paci the beginning of May. I thought it would be a big fight, but it actually wasn’t that bad. Of course when you saw baby sister with one, you decided you needed yours back. No such luck ;).

You are such a beautiful girl and your heart is made of gold. We couldn’t love you more and we are thankful each and everyday for you my dear. My prayer is you will always keep your tender loving heart and always love Jesus.



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