Why Motherhood Matters {A Book Review}


Since having Renly I have been reading books left and right. Spending so much time on the couch nursing requires lots of reading ;). I am not complaining. Actually now that she is nursing quicker I am a little sad I don’t have as much time to read!

Along with having Renly, I have also felt very inadequate at this mother thing. Balancing two kiddo’s needs has been a bit of a challenge for me. Having two kids has been a much easier transition than having the first one, but with that being said, I am so worried I am not doing good enough for them. This fear leads me to wonder what the point is in motherhood. Maybe it would be easier to send them somewhere else and work full time…It is a thought that has occurred to me when I am feeling overwhelmed and worried I am ruining them. Or when my dreams of doing something big, and following my entrepreneurial heart overtake me desires. It is in these moments I wonder if being a stay at home mom matters. I begin to believe the lie that there is bigger things for me to do, or that I am not good enough as a mom so someone else should watch my kids while I work.

When I saw the Why Motherhood Matters book by September McCarthy I knew I needed to read it. It was very good and I would highly recommend it to all moms. Each page is laced in grace and instruction to be the best mom you can be. She beautifully writes about our purpose as mothers and encourages us to keep going through the hard stuff. The book is broken into four parts:

Part one: Why you are not alone

Part two: Why we cannot live motherhood by the seat of our pants

Part three:Why you will lead them in ways they should go

Part four: Why giving your children a reason to change makes all the difference

She talks about topics like why you don’t have to be overwhelmed, loving your children uniquely, yelling, mom guilt, praying for our children, teaching our children to serve, teaching responsibility, and of course why motherhood matters and finding your vision and purpose.

At the end of each chapter is a section for taking the steps (taking action on what we just learned), my parenting principle (a paragraph on the principle we learned from the chapter), and a prayer at the very end that covers the chapters topic. I loved this set up as we not only learned in the chapter, but were able to apply it as well!

My biggest takeaway was at the end of the book. I pretty much highlighted all of the last few pages. A few of my favorite quotes:

“Small moments are where the hidden gifts are waiting. You will need to focus on discovering why God gave you your gifts, your calling, your future before your children can understand  their own foundation.”

“When we let God have our lives, He gives us a focus for every moment. Our future becomes a story in the making–one that we could not have directed or planned so well if we had tried. I realized that my focus would become my children’s future. Though the stripping away of my own selfish desires was painful and growing out of my childish ways was a process, I can see how those very ordinary days have turned into my legacy.”

“If there were only one thing I could leave them as a legacy, it would be a focus on eternity and the value of living a life fully surrendered to God.”

And one final favorite quote:

“Surrender is giving back what we’ve been given. The pull of the world can be stronger than the decision to allow our efforts to bee unseen for a time. Motherhood’s return has a kingdom value, and the rewards are your children’s focus and future.”

This book helped take me from the head knowledge that raising kids is very important and bigger than any dream of mine, to my heart where as Proverbs  4:23 tells us that everything flows from. This book helped give me the feelings in my heart and strength to know that all the little mundane things of motherhood are so very important. It gave me the focus to be patient and Christ-like each day because I want to point my children to eternity. I am raising girls and my desire and hope for them is to follow Jesus and do God’s will. Taking the time to be patient and lead them well is pointing them on that path. Taking the time to teach my kiddo’s something instead of worrying about the house being cleaned is important. I often feel like teaching my children and spending time with them is unproductive. It feels that way because we can’t see the immediate results, but it is so important. My kids are watching my every move, I want them to see Jesus in me. That is the purpose of motherhood and that is why it matters so much.

If you are feeling like you are in need of a little comfort and purpose in motherhood, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of Why Motherhood Matters. You won’t be sorry!


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