Renly Mae | 3 Months


Our sweet Renly-

It is crazy to think that you are three months old. You are such a blessing to our family and constantly shower us with smiles upon smiles. I love your small baby cuddles and am actually sad you aren’t a newborn anymore. Now I feel like I actually need to crack down on how much I hold you to go to sleep. Where as a newborn they say you can’t spoil. I took full advantage of that :).


You eat every 2-3 hours during the day and at around 4:00am in the night. You do great both breastfeeding and taking a bottle when I am gone. It is pretty nice. Eating has been smooth sailing with you, and for that I am very thankful.


You haven’t been the greatest at napping. You would nap about 30 min and wake up and not go back to sleep. Sometimes you were happy, sometimes you were grumpy. I normally feed you soon after you wake up and found you would fall asleep while eating. I started waiting a bit after you woke up to feed you and if you still fell asleep I would make you sit up awhile then try to feed you again. After I cracked down on you sleeping when nursing your naps started going better. I also stopped rocking you to sleep. Instead I now sing you one song and tell you it’s time for a nappy. I then lay you down and give you you paci. Sometimes you would fall asleep and sometimes you would cry for a bit before I give you your paci again. So far that seems to be working. You now take about an hour nap each time. At night you normally eat around 4 but sleep pretty much from 8-7 or 8:30. You will randomly have nights you wake up around 2 and need us to give you your paci. I think tonight we are going to try and move you to your own room. We will see how that goes!


You love talking and smiling. I think you got even louder this month if that is possible! You are constantly putting your hands in your mouth and like chomping on things. You love talking to people and love watching your sister. You are trying to hard to roll over but haven’t made it yet. You love sitting up. You will sit up on our lap, or propped in the boppy pillow with a another pillow behind it. You just love checking everything out!

A few things you love:

-Your changing pad and being naked!

-Your bath

-Sitting up, even when you are sitting up on our lap, you try and sit up straighter by holding onto our hands.


-Holding our hand

-Chomping on your hands

A few things you don’t like:

-Being out of the loop, you love being with everyone and get annoyed when left alone somewhere in the room.

You are such a smiley happy girl and we love you to pieces!



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