Renly Mae | 4 Months





Clothes: 0-3 Months

Renly Mae,

You are truly a content happy little lady. You bring such a joy into our home and I can’t believe you are already 4 months old! These four months really have flown. I am really soaking in all the baby cuddles this time around. Time goes way too fast to not enjoy every single moment.

Eating: At the beginning of the month you were eating about every 2-3 hours. Now you are more consistently going around every 3 hours, sometimes a bit longer. At night you sleep anywhere between 10 and 12 hours. It varies every night if you eat around 5 or 6 or sleep until 7:30-8. I am so very very thankful for this eating schedule. You still breastfeed like a champ and for that I am so very grateful! I wanted to breastfeed Kina so bad and it didn’t work out. I was fully expecting to have problems this time around and didn’t. It makes me so much more grateful that it is working out since the first time didn’t!

Sleeping: I am so grateful for how well you sleep little girl! During the day your naps are a little hit and miss. Somedays you take two good naps about 1-2 hours each then a cat nap in the evening. Somedays you sleep about 30-40 min each nap and that is it. At night however, you do very well. You normally eat around 7:30 and then go to bed right after. You will then sleep until 5-7:30. You did hit a “wonder week” (developmental milestone) earlier this month and I could tell! You went from sleeping soundly every night to waking up frequently. Sometimes it would be around 9-10 then again at 3-4. Sometimes it would be only around 3 or four but you would keep us up 40min to an hour. Sometimes I just kept messing with you (putting paci in, shushing, etc) and sometimes I ended up having to feed you or rock you to sleep. But I really tried hard to stick to only feeding you at 5 or after. I didn’t want to establish bad habits, but also wanted to nurture you since you were going through the wonder week. This lasted about a week and a half to two weeks, and you are now consistently sleeping through the night again. We recently got back from visiting my family in Indiana and I was worried that would throw you off even more. Nothing to worry about there, actually in the middle of the trip you ended up sleeping all night again. You are very resilient and go with the flow which I really do love! Its probably partly your personality, but also partly because I am more flexible this time around as well. I am also very thankful that I simply lay you down and you fall asleep on your own about 90% of the time. The other times are usually because we are out of our schedule (church, Mondays, and sometimes the evening nap.)

Developmental: Since reading the book The Wonder Weeks, it is crazy how accurate it is! You went through a really fussy period around 15 weeks and after you got through that you were a totally different baby! You have become so much more intentional about things and actually play with your toys now! You also make connections now, like oh that is my hand in front of my face, not a random object. You haven’t rolled over yet, but man you try so hard. You can’t quite figure out what to do with your arm. That coupled with how chill you are, you tend to not care after awhile of trying. You are very strong now, you can sit in your bumbo and totally do a superman when put on your belly. You have done some giggles and I can’t wait until you do a full blown laugh! You absolutely love watching your big sister Kina even though sometimes you get squished, bonked, or poked! Like I said, you are very chill!

Things you love:

-Talking, smiling, and giggling

-Being outside, and riding in the carrier I wear


-Being naked!

-Laying under your toy matt and batting at/eating the toys

-Eating your hand/sucking on your thumb

Things you aren’t fond of:

-You are such a chill baby you are pretty content so there isn’t much.

-Being left alone in a room, you like to be a part of the action

-Hearing others cry. When Kina cries you tend to make a frowny face or start crying as well. You are a sympathetic cryer like your sister.

You are such a blessing to our home and we couldn’t imagine life without you!

Kina’s four month post



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