Guided Prayer Journal Release and Giveaway


I am so excited to share my latest creation, the Hello Jesus Prayer Journal. For a few years I have used a prayer journal to record my prayers. Writing down my prayers has helped me tremendously. It was so easy for me to fall into a rut of saying the same prayer over and over. I knew prayer was so important, yet it was hard for me to focus and actually say really meaningful prayers. When I started recording my prayers on paper, it totally transformed my view on prayer and my relationship with Christ. It helped me be intentional and reminded me to pray for things I might have otherwise forgotten. It also has strengthened my faith to look back and see how God has worked. It is so amazing to look back on where my heart was at a certain time and see how God worked in it since then. It has also been a huge blessing to see a record of answered prayers. As much as I loved using prayer journals, I couldn’t find one to meet my specific needs. There was always something I wished was different when I sat down to use it. They worked, but didn’t work the best for me.


After awhile of wishing things were different about the journals I was using, God laid it on my heart to create my own. I was honestly at the point in my life where I was completely content to be a mom and wife, so I kept brushing it off. Over the years I have battled with feeling like I need to do something more than solely be a homemaker. I was finally at a point where I was totally at peace doing solely that. But God kept nudging me and directing me to make this journal. After much discussion with Loren we decided to go ahead and make them. It’s been such a good experience because I can without a doubt see God’s hand in it. In all honesty I struggled with feeling like I have done so many things in the past people will probably think oh my just another thing from her. I have learned to trust God and not worry about what other people think on yet another one of my creations. (; It is for His glory not mine. I really feel like this is totally God’s project and I am very excited to be able to bless others with it. Maybe this will be a one time printing and nothing else will come of it, maybe not. Whatever God wants me to do with these journals is totally fine with me!


After many hours of prayer this journal came to life. I was able to design it myself then have it locally printed and bound. Here are the details of the journal:

A 5″x7″, 200 page, book style journal that includes 7 different sections:

Section 1:
30 pages for Daily prayers

Section 2:
15 pages for Long Term prayers

Section 3:
15 pages for Answered Prayers

Section 4:
10 pages for Prayer Requests and Answered Prayer Requests. (For all the prayers when people ask us to pray for them but we often forget).

Section 5:
25 Pages for the “ACTS” prayer method.

Section 6:
70 pages for specific prayer Topics. These 70 pages are divided into 6 sections for 6 different topics.

Section 7:
20 pages for Personal Development. This includes sections to write out goals, reading list, and favorite scripture and quotes.


I absolutely love the way this journal came together, all glory to God. My prayer is that it blesses many! These would make great Christmas gifts for you, your family and friends, or even grab gifts! To purchase one check out my Etsy Shop.

Today (Friday November 3) on my Instagram account @hellojesusco I am having a giveaway! The giveaway is designed to be the perfect quiet time bundle and includes a coffee mug, a lined notebook for journaling, a pen, and of course a Hello Jesus prayer journal. To enter head over to that account!




2 thoughts on “Guided Prayer Journal Release and Giveaway

  1. Lorna says:

    What a great idea! Truely inspirational and timely. I especially like keeping a record of answered prayers and a list of prayer requests. Way to listen to your intuition. This will be a huge success! šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™


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