Renly Mae | 7 Months


Our sweet Renly-

You have really blossomed this month. I keep saying it is crazy how you just seemed to turn into a little person overnight. I absolutely love this stage, seeing how much you learn and grow amazes me. You are such a happy fun loving girl and bring so much joy to us!

Sleeping: 2 naps a day. Bedtime at 7, wakes up around 7 for the day.

Eating: Nursing every 3-4 hours and eating solids 3 times a day.

Clothing: 3-6 month and a few 0-3 still.

Head: 16.5″

Weight: 13 pounds 7.5 ounces (3 percentile)

Height: 24.12″ (3 percentile)

Eating: You normally wake up at 5 to nurse then go back to sleep. We start your day with another feeding at 7-8 after you wake up. From there your eating schedule is normally around 11, 3, 7. Sometimes there will be another feeding in there somewhere. You are doing pureed food at breakfast, lunch, and supper. I tried giving you mashed up avocados and you can’t handle any sort of texture. You let it sit at the top of your mouth with your mouth hanging open and make lots of faces. I am a little worried I am never going to be able to introduce chunks to you! Other than avocados and bananas with slight texture, you eat anything we give you.

Sleeping: Night has pretty much stayed consistent. You go to bed at 7 and wake up around 5 to eat then go back to sleep until around 7-7:30. You were randomly going until 6:30 then getting up for the day. You did go through a phase where you were crying at bedtime and we had to rock you, or you would wake up randomly through the night and cry and we had to help you get back to sleep. But I think it was because you wanted to learn to crawl, and hit a sleep regression. Eventually we made you cry a few nights. You cried off and on for about 20 min each time then started sleeping normally again.

Development.: You started sitting up completely by yourself a couple weeks after you turned 6 months. It is pretty nice just to plop you down and you sit and play! About three weeks ago you really started trying hard to crawl. You moved you arms and legs as hard as you could but obviously couldn’t move. Then you started pushing up with your hands. Now you get on your hands and knees and try to move. The other day I saw you up on your tip toes and hands with your butt high in the air. You tried to move your arm and fell on your face. You are getting so close to crawling! This month you started saying mama and baba. Kina calls me mama bear and you have said mama ba random times and times when prompted. You do lots of squealing and babbling besides the actual words. You are very intent on what you want as well. If you see something you try to hard to get it or get mad when it is take away from you. You love watching your sister and playing with her. You have a defense of a loud shriek when Kina beats up on you!

A few things you are loving right now:

-Your mama. You are a total mamas girl and I am soaking it in! In the evenings when you are tired and daddy takes you, I have to stay out of your sight or you get mad. If I walk into the room and then leave you start crying. If I walk back in you stop! You do fine with other people when you are not tired, but when you have had it, you just want me.

– Chewing on toys

-Banging toys

-Getting into everything you not supposed to

-Sticking out your tongue and spitting


-Splashing in the bath

-Wiggling and scooting during diaper changes making it almost impossible to change you!

-Spitting up (sigh)

-Daddys attention and love

-Your “Dock a tot” type bed. Not sure how we are going to get rid of that :0

A few things you are not liking:

-Chunks of food

-Being scared or roughed up by daddy

Kina 7 month update here.

Picture overload, this kid is so easy to take pictures of!







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