One Day There Will Be a Last…

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Being a mom of two littles, I have been having a hard time finding where God wants my focus. I have this strong desire to pull away from everything and be fully a mom and wife. But God keeps nudging me to share my heart for others to read. I recently started an Instagram account @hellojesusco and that is where I share most of my thoughts. It is hard for me to find time to sit down and write blog posts anymore, so maybe I will just randomly share a favorite Instagram post on here. If you like what you find on my blog, follow me at @hellojesusco for much more frequent posts :). Here is a recent post I shared that I picked to share on here:

One day…
There won’t be anymore dirty floors two seconds after I clean them. I will get a full nights sleep. The days won’t seem so long and mundane. I won’t have to change diapers. I won’t be spending half my day carrying a toddler to time out. There won’t be slobber marks and finger prints all over the windows. My house will be mess free and organized. I won’t have mounds of laundry. I won’t wear spit up as perfume.
With that day there will also be…..
No more tiny feet pattering down the hall. No more baby snuggles. No more warm toddler hugs. No more baby squeals. No more sweet toddler “I love you mama bear’s”. No more innocent grins and sheer delight over the tiniest of things. No more plastic food served, no imaginations running wild. No more snuggly footed pajamas on the cutest kids ever. No more gummy grins and fat cheeks….
One day we will do something for the last time. We won’t ever get time back. Being a mom can be hard. Caring for tiny people constantly can be draining. But the sweet moments that come with it are priceless. It is easy for me to wish away certain things. But with those wishes, I manage to wish away all the good moments as well. Time goes fast enough as it is. I pray daily that I can hold on to these precious moments knowing that one day there will be a last baby snuggle, a last toothless grin, a last sweet I love you from toddler lips. There will be a last whether I want it to happen or not. My babies will grow up far faster than I want them too. I pray any of us who are young moms can find the beauty of the everyday because one day, we will realize we have experienced many last times with our sweet kiddos.


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