Renly Mae | 8 Months


Sweet Renly-

You have really changed this last month. I really can’t say you are laid back anymore. You are very hyper anymore! You make us smile with your big happy smiles and belly laughs. You make us so thankful that you are a part of our little family!

Sleeping: 2 Naps a day, 1 hour for first, about a half hour for second.

Eating: Baby food 3 times a day, Nursing 5 times a day.

Clothing: 3-6 Month, Some 6-9 hand-me-downs fit.

Eating: You nurse at around 5-5:30, then at 8, then 12, then 3:30-4, then finally at 7. You eat breakfast with us a little after 8, lunch around 12:30, then supper at 5:30. You were a total only baby food type of girl up until a couple days ago. I would randomly give you a few tiny chunks of soft food but you didn’t really seem to interested. Well now you are very interested, so interested in fact that you get mad when I give you baby food. You are like where are my chunks?! The other night you picked up the chunks of food so fast you had a mouthful. I had to start giving you one chunk at a time you were too excited to wait until you swallowed your first bite! So far you have really liked anything I give you. Eggs aren’t a huge love, but you will eat them.


Sleep: From birth you have had a dock a tot style bed. You love nuzzling your face in the corner. We decided it was time to get rid of the bed. We have tried a few times, but you are pretty attached to it and normally throw a fit. But with you getting older, we decided it was either bite the bullet and take away the bed, or let you stay attached to it and have to buy the bigger size when you grew out of this one! We decided to bite the bullet. Two nights in a row you have woken up crying in the middle of the night. The first night it was around 30 min second night it was around 20. I am hoping it continues to decrease and you give up needing your bed! Other than that, you normally sleep all night until around 5-6 when you nurse. Then it is back to bed until around 7-8. You take a nap around 9:30 that lasts about an hour, an hour and a half if I am lucky. The afternoon naps you go down around 1:30-2 and they range from 20 min to 1 hour. Lately the norm is 30 min. Sigh.

Development: Oh my, like I said this month has been a big change! First off, you poor thing still aren’t crawling. You have been trying for 2 months now. You just get mad anymore. I feel like you are so antsy I keep hoping one of these days you will crawl! You started giving high fives and waving this month. You really love when we praise you and say good job Renly!! You get so happy and squeal and laugh! I tried putting you in a the walker because you want to move so bad, but you unfortunately are still too short and can’t make it go. Kina pushes you around in it. It is fun seeing you two play together! I am pretty sure your bottom teeth are very close to being ready to pop through! You have been pretty fussy and clingy these last couple days.

A few things you love:

-Your feet being played with

-Being told good job

-Yelling or talking loudly when someone else is singing or talking


-Splashing in the bath

-Playing with your toys. You looooove sitting and playing.

-Watching Kina

Kina 8 Month Post



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