Renly Mae | 9 Months


Sweet Renly,

You are still such a happy baby. You are constantly smiling at everyone when we are out and about. We absolutely love your joy and can’t get enough of your happiness!

Weight: 15#

Clothes: 6 Month

Eating- Nursing about every 4 hours, eating solids at every meal.

Sleeping: 2 naps, sleeps from 7pm-7am

Eating: Oh my, you are quite the little eater all of the sudden. When you were on pureed food, you couldn’t hardly handle any type of chunks. Now you really don’t want anything pureed, only chunks. I would say you eat average amounts for breakfast and lunch, but when supper comes back up the truck and drop all the food on your plate. You mow down. I know for a fact you eat more than Kina does! You nurse at 5-5:30 am then again around 8, 12, 3-4, then again at 7 before bed.

Sleeping: You normally go to bed at 7 and wake up between 7-7:30. You take two naps around 9-10 and around 1-1:30. You started getting teeth and going through some developmental changes so you started sometimes going to bed later and getting up earlier. Along with sometimes only taking 20 min naps. But I think we are finally through that and you are back on a more normal schedule. Sometimes you will wake up before 5 and fuss around for awhile before going back to sleep.

Development: The beginning of this month you started crawling, and now you have it completely mastered. You can sit from a crawling position which is so nice. Before you would get mad and I would come and help you back into sitting. You stick your butt way high up in the air, it looks like you are doing the downward dog pose in yoga. Its like you could almost just stand up! Your bottom two teeth popped through this month. They are not fully in yet but I can see them! You are very much a copy cat. Kina will do something and you will copy her. You love raising your arms up like so big. You love making the Indian noise with your mouth. Pretty much anything we do you can copy, you copy. You do the more sign in sign language to get more food. And you still love love love sitting and playing with toys.

A few things you love right now:

-Baths. Absolutely love them.

-When Kina blows bubbles at you. You laugh so hard.

-Playing with Kina

-Smiling at people and tilting your head when you do it.


-Riding in carts.

-Copying people.

-Your mama, you are still a total mamas girl. I love it.


A few things you are not loving:

-Getting your face wiped after meals

-Stroller rides (sigh)

You are such a happy go lucky girl. We love you more and more everyday!

Kina 9 Month Update 


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