Renly Mae | 10 Months



You just keep changing and growing more and more into your personality. We love watching you grow and learn. You bring so much joy!

Head: 17.25″

Weight: 16 pounds 12.5 ounces (8 percentile)

Height: 26.75″ (12 percentile)

Clothes: 3-6 month and 6-9 month

Eating: You still love food. You eat whatever we eat for breakfast, lunch and supper. You have started getting demanding when you see something you want. You will refuse to eat what is in front of you until I either hide the food you want, or give you some ;). You love cottage cheese and grapes. If you see those two foods it’s all over until you can have some. You make an absolute mess with cottage cheese so I usually reserve that for bath night! We recently decided to have you drop your 5am feeding. I just got this feeling like it was time. Then a couple mornings later, you slept until 6 and I let you cry a bit and you went back to sleep until 8. Since then you wake up anywhere between 4-6 and cry around a bit then go back to sleep. You are pretty stubborn, so we are guessing this will last at least a week or two! Besides that you sill nurse at 7, 11, 3, and 7 again.

Sleeping: You still go to bed at 7 and sleep until 7. Other than waking to cry around since your night feeding was dropped, you sleep really good at night. Naps are another story. Some days you nap 1-1.5 hours each nap, others you maybe sleep 45 min if I am lucky. It goes in chunks. I am like hooray you are napping good! Then the next minute you are refusing to nap and are over tired. But it is all a stage so I just let it go. I do my best, but can’t force you to do anything! You normally nap around 9 and 1.

Development: You for sure went through a wonder week recently. You have started to point at everything. You also get around very well now and like to explore. You no longer need me in sight anymore. Your favorite place to try and escape to is Kina’s room. It is a goldmine for all the little barbie shoes and polly pockets that you just would love to eat. I have to keep her door shut while you are around. If I forget and see you heading that way, I head after you and you just pick up the speed determined to make it before I catch you! You are pulling yourself up on things now. You normally either get “stuck” on your knees or get “stuck” when standing and aren’t sure how to get down. This month you have really started to get excited to see daddy. You have always loved him, but now you get really excited to see him and want to be with him. You love to laugh at your sister and even though she beats up on you, you love being with her. Many times you both play very good with each other. You love to clap, do so big, and dance at absolutely any type of music. You say mama, dada, ni ni, nom nom, ba (bath), and tayto (thank you). You love handing us things and saying tayto then asking reaching for it back. You notice if something is hidden from you and try to find it. You just play and play and play. You absolutely love toys and exploring.

Things you love:




-Putting everything in your mouth (sigh)

-Watching me and Kina blow bubbles

-Copying everything and everyone.

Things you don’t so much love:

-Stroller rides. You tolerate them, but aren’t super excited about them and get fed up pretty quick.

-Having your diaper changed, you wiggle and squirm trying to find something to play with. It is nearly impossible to change you sometimes. Not even kidding.

-Sitting still for pictures. Note the sub par pictures this month ;).



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