Renly Mae | 11 Months



Where oh where has the time gone. It’s all fun and games until the big 1 thing approaches. I can’t believe you are almost one. You are really blossoming and I really can’t say I have a “baby” anymore! Time goes way. to. fast.


Clothes: 6-9 month, a few 3-6 month still.

Eating: There isn’t anything you won’t eat. You eat lemon without batting an eye, which frustrates your daddy. He is still trying to find something that will make you second guess what you are eating ;). I was so thankful to nurse you, I didn’t think I would ever want to be done. In fact I was dreading the year mark because I knew it would be time to start weaning. I am shown over and over as you grow, God has a way of saying it is time to be done with this stage. I am thankful for that. I didn’t think I would ever want you out of our room, then I was ready. I didn’t think I would ever want to make you cry it out, then I was ready. I didn’t think I would ever want you do be done nursing, I am {almost} ready. I was contemplating starting to wean before we left for Florida, but I didn’t want to start anything dramatic right before vacation. You were nursing at 7, 11, 3, and then 7. The 11 and 3 feedings were rather frustrating. You messed around a bunch, and then started to bite. By the end of our vacation, I said I am ready to be done. Fighting you just isn’t worth it. Currently you nurse at 7 after you wake up, have a bottle of frozen breast milk at around 1:30, then nurse again at 7. I dropped one feeding and only actually nurse you twice. It seems to be going well. I thought I was ready to try and drop one nursing and replace it with a bottle feeding, but I think as of right now we will stay with what we are doing. You haven’t bitten me as much lately ;). As for table food, you eat 3 meals a day and whatever we eat. You have been wanting to do exactly what we are doing, so you at times want silverware, and try and swipe at big chunks we haven’t gotten chopped up yet. You also are very opinionated on what you would like next. You point until we give it to you.

Sleeping: You still go to bed at 7 and sleep until around 7. You nap around 9:30 for about an hour, then again at around 2 for another hour. You are doing much better about not crying every single time you wake up. You even wake up happy sometimes now!

Development: You have added a few words to your vocabulary. You say Hi, nana (banana), pla (play), and I am pretty sure we hear other things randomly but can’t say for sure. I say frequently where’d he go, I am pretty sure you said a baby form of that one day when watching chickens. You are an attention seeker. Whenever we go out in public you make eyes and wave at absolutely everyone. You don’t give up either, if someone doesn’t wave back  you keep trying tactics to get them to notice you. The other day at a restaurant a few waiters were giving you tons of attention. One walked by and smiled at you, you instantly raised your hand in anticipation for a high five, which you of course got. You are pulling yourself up on absolutely everything, including my legs making it very hard to move around the kitchen. You love exploring under things like couches and beds, and then get stuck. You love giving me hugs, not just me, but my arms and legs as well. It is so sweet. You are developing a temper, yikes, don’t take anything away from you! You also can’t handle being told no, it breaks your heart. When you are sad you put your hands up over your eyes like your life is pretty much over. Can we say drama queen? You are so smiley and sweet, we love watching you grow and change!

Things you love:




-Going outside

-Greeting daddy when He comes home.

-Giving hugs

-Waving at everyone (including someone so far away they would never notice at the park)

-Pushing back from the table. You tilt your chair, so I have to constantly watch you because you push it so far it looks like you can push yourself right over backwards.


Things you don’t so much love:

-Getting told no, or something taken away.



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