Renly Mae | 9 Months


Sweet Renly,

You are still such a happy baby. You are constantly smiling at everyone when we are out and about. We absolutely love your joy and can’t get enough of your happiness!

Weight: 15#

Clothes: 6 Month

Eating- Nursing about every 4 hours, eating solids at every meal.

Sleeping: 2 naps, sleeps from 7pm-7am

Eating: Oh my, you are quite the little eater all of the sudden. When you were on pureed food, you couldn’t hardly handle any type of chunks. Now you really don’t want anything pureed, only chunks. I would say you eat average amounts for breakfast and lunch, but when supper comes back up the truck and drop all the food on your plate. You mow down. I know for a fact you eat more than Kina does! You nurse at 5-5:30 am then again around 8, 12, 3-4, then again at 7 before bed.

Sleeping: You normally go to bed at 7 and wake up between 7-7:30. You take two naps around 9-10 and around 1-1:30. You started getting teeth and going through some developmental changes so you started sometimes going to bed later and getting up earlier. Along with sometimes only taking 20 min naps. But I think we are finally through that and you are back on a more normal schedule. Sometimes you will wake up before 5 and fuss around for awhile before going back to sleep.

Development: The beginning of this month you started crawling, and now you have it completely mastered. You can sit from a crawling position which is so nice. Before you would get mad and I would come and help you back into sitting. You stick your butt way high up in the air, it looks like you are doing the downward dog pose in yoga. Its like you could almost just stand up! Your bottom two teeth popped through this month. They are not fully in yet but I can see them! You are very much a copy cat. Kina will do something and you will copy her. You love raising your arms up like so big. You love making the Indian noise with your mouth. Pretty much anything we do you can copy, you copy. You do the more sign in sign language to get more food. And you still love love love sitting and playing with toys.

A few things you love right now:

-Baths. Absolutely love them.

-When Kina blows bubbles at you. You laugh so hard.

-Playing with Kina

-Smiling at people and tilting your head when you do it.


-Riding in carts.

-Copying people.

-Your mama, you are still a total mamas girl. I love it.


A few things you are not loving:

-Getting your face wiped after meals

-Stroller rides (sigh)

You are such a happy go lucky girl. We love you more and more everyday!

Kina 9 Month Update 


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Renly Mae | 8 Months


Sweet Renly-

You have really changed this last month. I really can’t say you are laid back anymore. You are very hyper anymore! You make us smile with your big happy smiles and belly laughs. You make us so thankful that you are a part of our little family!

Sleeping: 2 Naps a day, 1 hour for first, about a half hour for second.

Eating: Baby food 3 times a day, Nursing 5 times a day.

Clothing: 3-6 Month, Some 6-9 hand-me-downs fit.

Eating: You nurse at around 5-5:30, then at 8, then 12, then 3:30-4, then finally at 7. You eat breakfast with us a little after 8, lunch around 12:30, then supper at 5:30. You were a total only baby food type of girl up until a couple days ago. I would randomly give you a few tiny chunks of soft food but you didn’t really seem to interested. Well now you are very interested, so interested in fact that you get mad when I give you baby food. You are like where are my chunks?! The other night you picked up the chunks of food so fast you had a mouthful. I had to start giving you one chunk at a time you were too excited to wait until you swallowed your first bite! So far you have really liked anything I give you. Eggs aren’t a huge love, but you will eat them.


Sleep: From birth you have had a dock a tot style bed. You love nuzzling your face in the corner. We decided it was time to get rid of the bed. We have tried a few times, but you are pretty attached to it and normally throw a fit. But with you getting older, we decided it was either bite the bullet and take away the bed, or let you stay attached to it and have to buy the bigger size when you grew out of this one! We decided to bite the bullet. Two nights in a row you have woken up crying in the middle of the night. The first night it was around 30 min second night it was around 20. I am hoping it continues to decrease and you give up needing your bed! Other than that, you normally sleep all night until around 5-6 when you nurse. Then it is back to bed until around 7-8. You take a nap around 9:30 that lasts about an hour, an hour and a half if I am lucky. The afternoon naps you go down around 1:30-2 and they range from 20 min to 1 hour. Lately the norm is 30 min. Sigh.

Development: Oh my, like I said this month has been a big change! First off, you poor thing still aren’t crawling. You have been trying for 2 months now. You just get mad anymore. I feel like you are so antsy I keep hoping one of these days you will crawl! You started giving high fives and waving this month. You really love when we praise you and say good job Renly!! You get so happy and squeal and laugh! I tried putting you in a the walker because you want to move so bad, but you unfortunately are still too short and can’t make it go. Kina pushes you around in it. It is fun seeing you two play together! I am pretty sure your bottom teeth are very close to being ready to pop through! You have been pretty fussy and clingy these last couple days.

A few things you love:

-Your feet being played with

-Being told good job

-Yelling or talking loudly when someone else is singing or talking


-Splashing in the bath

-Playing with your toys. You looooove sitting and playing.

-Watching Kina

Kina 8 Month Post


One Day There Will Be a Last…

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Being a mom of two littles, I have been having a hard time finding where God wants my focus. I have this strong desire to pull away from everything and be fully a mom and wife. But God keeps nudging me to share my heart for others to read. I recently started an Instagram account @hellojesusco and that is where I share most of my thoughts. It is hard for me to find time to sit down and write blog posts anymore, so maybe I will just randomly share a favorite Instagram post on here. If you like what you find on my blog, follow me at @hellojesusco for much more frequent posts :). Here is a recent post I shared that I picked to share on here:

One day…
There won’t be anymore dirty floors two seconds after I clean them. I will get a full nights sleep. The days won’t seem so long and mundane. I won’t have to change diapers. I won’t be spending half my day carrying a toddler to time out. There won’t be slobber marks and finger prints all over the windows. My house will be mess free and organized. I won’t have mounds of laundry. I won’t wear spit up as perfume.
With that day there will also be…..
No more tiny feet pattering down the hall. No more baby snuggles. No more warm toddler hugs. No more baby squeals. No more sweet toddler “I love you mama bear’s”. No more innocent grins and sheer delight over the tiniest of things. No more plastic food served, no imaginations running wild. No more snuggly footed pajamas on the cutest kids ever. No more gummy grins and fat cheeks….
One day we will do something for the last time. We won’t ever get time back. Being a mom can be hard. Caring for tiny people constantly can be draining. But the sweet moments that come with it are priceless. It is easy for me to wish away certain things. But with those wishes, I manage to wish away all the good moments as well. Time goes fast enough as it is. I pray daily that I can hold on to these precious moments knowing that one day there will be a last baby snuggle, a last toothless grin, a last sweet I love you from toddler lips. There will be a last whether I want it to happen or not. My babies will grow up far faster than I want them too. I pray any of us who are young moms can find the beauty of the everyday because one day, we will realize we have experienced many last times with our sweet kiddos.

Renly Mae | 7 Months


Our sweet Renly-

You have really blossomed this month. I keep saying it is crazy how you just seemed to turn into a little person overnight. I absolutely love this stage, seeing how much you learn and grow amazes me. You are such a happy fun loving girl and bring so much joy to us!

Sleeping: 2 naps a day. Bedtime at 7, wakes up around 7 for the day.

Eating: Nursing every 3-4 hours and eating solids 3 times a day.

Clothing: 3-6 month and a few 0-3 still.

Head: 16.5″

Weight: 13 pounds 7.5 ounces (3 percentile)

Height: 24.12″ (3 percentile)

Eating: You normally wake up at 5 to nurse then go back to sleep. We start your day with another feeding at 7-8 after you wake up. From there your eating schedule is normally around 11, 3, 7. Sometimes there will be another feeding in there somewhere. You are doing pureed food at breakfast, lunch, and supper. I tried giving you mashed up avocados and you can’t handle any sort of texture. You let it sit at the top of your mouth with your mouth hanging open and make lots of faces. I am a little worried I am never going to be able to introduce chunks to you! Other than avocados and bananas with slight texture, you eat anything we give you.

Sleeping: Night has pretty much stayed consistent. You go to bed at 7 and wake up around 5 to eat then go back to sleep until around 7-7:30. You were randomly going until 6:30 then getting up for the day. You did go through a phase where you were crying at bedtime and we had to rock you, or you would wake up randomly through the night and cry and we had to help you get back to sleep. But I think it was because you wanted to learn to crawl, and hit a sleep regression. Eventually we made you cry a few nights. You cried off and on for about 20 min each time then started sleeping normally again.

Development.: You started sitting up completely by yourself a couple weeks after you turned 6 months. It is pretty nice just to plop you down and you sit and play! About three weeks ago you really started trying hard to crawl. You moved you arms and legs as hard as you could but obviously couldn’t move. Then you started pushing up with your hands. Now you get on your hands and knees and try to move. The other day I saw you up on your tip toes and hands with your butt high in the air. You tried to move your arm and fell on your face. You are getting so close to crawling! This month you started saying mama and baba. Kina calls me mama bear and you have said mama ba random times and times when prompted. You do lots of squealing and babbling besides the actual words. You are very intent on what you want as well. If you see something you try to hard to get it or get mad when it is take away from you. You love watching your sister and playing with her. You have a defense of a loud shriek when Kina beats up on you!

A few things you are loving right now:

-Your mama. You are a total mamas girl and I am soaking it in! In the evenings when you are tired and daddy takes you, I have to stay out of your sight or you get mad. If I walk into the room and then leave you start crying. If I walk back in you stop! You do fine with other people when you are not tired, but when you have had it, you just want me.

– Chewing on toys

-Banging toys

-Getting into everything you not supposed to

-Sticking out your tongue and spitting


-Splashing in the bath

-Wiggling and scooting during diaper changes making it almost impossible to change you!

-Spitting up (sigh)

-Daddys attention and love

-Your “Dock a tot” type bed. Not sure how we are going to get rid of that :0

A few things you are not liking:

-Chunks of food

-Being scared or roughed up by daddy

Kina 7 month update here.

Picture overload, this kid is so easy to take pictures of!






Renly Mae | 6 Months


Renly Mae,

You are so sweet, we all love you so much. You always have a smile on your face and brighten our day.



We started you on solids around 5 months and 2 weeks. I know doctors suggest waiting until 6 months, but you wanted food so bad. You smacked your lips and tried grabbing the spoon. We ended up just giving you a little bit to see if you were curious, or actually wanted the food. You instantly ate it and reached for more. So far you have had applesauce, carrots, green beans, bananas, and cereal. You favorite by far is applesauce. Carrots are probably a close second. You may be eating green beans nonchalantly then I give you a bite of applesauce and you instantly change demeanors. You start panting and yelling for more. It cracks us up. You aren’t a huge fan of bananas. I am thinking it is more the texture. You will eat it fine until you hit a chunk then gag and make faces. As far as nursing, you eat anywhere between 3-4 hours through the day.


You still go to bed around 7 and wake up to eat at 5 then go back to sleep until 6:30-7ish. Naps are so random. You normally take 2-3 naps a day. More often two if they are good naps. They range from 30 min to 2 hours on a good day. More often though it is around 1 hour. When you go to bed late and are overtired you normally wake up earlier than 5, but if we keep you well rested and in bed at 7 you most always make it to 5.


Your sitting balance is really good, but you don’t sit all by yourself yet. You can roll all over and have tried scooting forward when on your belly. You absolutely love toys, and Sophie the giraffe is a favorite. You love eating anything and chewing on anything you get your hands on. You are very obsessed with faces and like to grab them. You also randomly like to suck on our chin :). You love watching your sister and like to giggle and laugh when we get you excited by kissing your cheeks. You know what you want and get mad when you can’t get it. Like Kina was at this age, you too are obsessed with your lamp on the changing table. You scoot your way up on your back and try to grab at the lamp.

A few things you are loving:

-Watching your sister

-Your mom

-Smiling/ laughing


-Grabbing faces


-Being naked

-Chewing on things

Kina’s 6 Month update 


Renly Mae | 5 Months


Height: 23 5/8″

Weight: 11#

Head: 15 5/8″

Clothes: 0-3 Months


You are such a happy girl. You bring so much joy to our house ❤


You are still nursing great and I am so thankful. You started going every 3 hours now which is nice. You also nurse way faster which is also very nice ;). At night you usually wake up around 5 in the morning to eat then go back to sleep so around 10 hours at night.


You are still pretty random with your naps. Sometimes you take a half hour nap and are so happy, and other times you take a 2 hour nap. And then sometimes you wake up fighting mad at around 30-45 min and I let you cry awhile to see if you go back to sleep. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. You have been taking about 2 good naps a day then a cat nap in the evening. Bed time is 7 and you wake up around 7-7:30 for the day. Kina goes to bed at 7 so I was really hoping you would do the same. I kept wondering when I could push bedtime to 7, but you kind of decided yourself. You get really mad around 6:30-7 and just want to eat and go to sleep, so that’s what we do. We get ready for bed then eat right around 7 and go to sleep! It works perfect for our family.


You have really changed this month. You went from just being content to hang out to now wanting anything and everything you can get your hands on. If you can’t get it you get a little upset. It is fun seeing the change from playing to really intentionally playing and reaching for things. When we are grocery shopping you reach for everything I put in the cart. You are very into watching us eat and trying to reach for our food. Daddy may have teased you a bit with an Oreo. You tried to hard to grab for it but alas, he ate it in front of you :0. You also have a major attraction to my drink or Kina’s drink. You want to drink it so bad! You love love love watching your big sister. It is so sweet, when she talks to you, you just light up and screech and chatter. You still really could care less to roll over. You will hold my finger and roll over, but don’t really attempt to on your own! You like to sit just holding onto my fingers.

Things you are loving:

-Toys, you love chewing on them and shaking them

-Blankets and burp rags, again you love chewing on them

-Watching big sister

-Smiling at everyone

You are such a sweet bright spot in our lives and we love you so much!


Kina 5 Month Post


Guided Prayer Journal Release and Giveaway


I am so excited to share my latest creation, the Hello Jesus Prayer Journal. For a few years I have used a prayer journal to record my prayers. Writing down my prayers has helped me tremendously. It was so easy for me to fall into a rut of saying the same prayer over and over. I knew prayer was so important, yet it was hard for me to focus and actually say really meaningful prayers. When I started recording my prayers on paper, it totally transformed my view on prayer and my relationship with Christ. It helped me be intentional and reminded me to pray for things I might have otherwise forgotten. It also has strengthened my faith to look back and see how God has worked. It is so amazing to look back on where my heart was at a certain time and see how God worked in it since then. It has also been a huge blessing to see a record of answered prayers. As much as I loved using prayer journals, I couldn’t find one to meet my specific needs. There was always something I wished was different when I sat down to use it. They worked, but didn’t work the best for me.


After awhile of wishing things were different about the journals I was using, God laid it on my heart to create my own. I was honestly at the point in my life where I was completely content to be a mom and wife, so I kept brushing it off. Over the years I have battled with feeling like I need to do something more than solely be a homemaker. I was finally at a point where I was totally at peace doing solely that. But God kept nudging me and directing me to make this journal. After much discussion with Loren we decided to go ahead and make them. It’s been such a good experience because I can without a doubt see God’s hand in it. In all honesty I struggled with feeling like I have done so many things in the past people will probably think oh my just another thing from her. I have learned to trust God and not worry about what other people think on yet another one of my creations. (; It is for His glory not mine. I really feel like this is totally God’s project and I am very excited to be able to bless others with it. Maybe this will be a one time printing and nothing else will come of it, maybe not. Whatever God wants me to do with these journals is totally fine with me!


After many hours of prayer this journal came to life. I was able to design it myself then have it locally printed and bound. Here are the details of the journal:

A 5″x7″, 200 page, book style journal that includes 7 different sections:

Section 1:
30 pages for Daily prayers

Section 2:
15 pages for Long Term prayers

Section 3:
15 pages for Answered Prayers

Section 4:
10 pages for Prayer Requests and Answered Prayer Requests. (For all the prayers when people ask us to pray for them but we often forget).

Section 5:
25 Pages for the “ACTS” prayer method.

Section 6:
70 pages for specific prayer Topics. These 70 pages are divided into 6 sections for 6 different topics.

Section 7:
20 pages for Personal Development. This includes sections to write out goals, reading list, and favorite scripture and quotes.


I absolutely love the way this journal came together, all glory to God. My prayer is that it blesses many! These would make great Christmas gifts for you, your family and friends, or even grab gifts! To purchase one check out my Etsy Shop.

Today (Friday November 3) on my Instagram account @hellojesusco I am having a giveaway! The giveaway is designed to be the perfect quiet time bundle and includes a coffee mug, a lined notebook for journaling, a pen, and of course a Hello Jesus prayer journal. To enter head over to that account!